The need to save buildings, artifacts and more importantly the history of Butte and the county of Silver Bow was necessary as the destruction of towns and neighborhoods continued along with schools, churches, businesses, lodges, homes and the histories that went with them, through the open pit mining and decreasing population. The people then formed the Society stepped up and did an almost impossible task. Through this organization thousands of historical documents, pictures, artifacts have been saved. We were instrumental in establishing the "World Museum of Mining" and the "Butte Archives" and work closely with both to maintain and preserve our rich history.

The Society also encourages research to put into writing and document our heritage through the Ann Cote-Smith essay contests for 7th through 12th grade students and an Adult essay contest yearly. 

One of latest projects is to get a statue of a miner on the Butte Hill to give credit to all those men who worked the mines and gave Butte its unique heritage.​     for all general enquiries.

Use 401-575-3948 (private number for Paddy Dennehy, President)
for applications for membership or donations only.

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  $15 Individual

$25 Family/ Business